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Keyboard and Mouse

Tech Tutorials

Make a framegrab

Here's a simple way to make framegrabs that you can put into your CA transcripts. I use Prisma on my iPad to make the sketches and edit them with Preview on my iMac.

Making gifs for your presentation

If you are interested in embodiment you'll probably want to use gif files in your transcripts and presentations. In this video, I'll show you how I do it with GYPHY.

Measuring silence

More content coming soon

Put subtitles in your video

Do you need to know how to add simple subtitles to your video? This video explains how I do it with iMovie for Mac.

Bleep out a word

What do you do if you need to anonymize a video? This how-to shows you how I use iMovie to delete a name or any other word on a video.

Creating focal points

Zack Nanbu shows us how to use Photopea to create focal points in a framegrab.

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